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Welcome to my Photo Album.
Click each link to view larger photo.

a lot of the photos have been taken since have had all the rain




Muffin turns and runs back the way she came (Muffin is 15 1/2 years old)
Cutty on a walk
Faye on the far bank of the dam
river of water as the dam overflows
Faye check the runoff into the dam
Chief & Faye swimming in the dam
Wart & Clif watch Faye in the dam
Wart greets Faye as she swims to the bank
Paddles asleep on Teddy my new red baby
whats over there
Liam plays with Scarlett & Chief
all at the dam
Fallon playing in the water
Paddles asleep as only a baby can be with his toys
on the dam wall 2011
Fallon sits and waits for me to catch up
Wart & Paddles watch the cattle from the dam wall
Liam Fallon & Paddles getting together
Chief & Paddles watch Xena with the bone
my new puppy Xena from Tasmania
"Lemonlee Likely Lass"
Fallon sits among the vegetation
Mouse my new blue/tan girl

Goldilocks (Goldie) my new red girl sister to Bear
Bear my new red boy
Bear follows Fallon into the dam for a swim
Xena comes running
Faye Mouse & Scarlett wait at the gate for me to get home
Me with Fallon & Liam on Liams last day
Wart keeping her feet dry
Fallon checks to see I'm following
Astri on her last day
Mouse & goldilocks listen to the barking across the way
Goldie & Bear running through the long grass on the dam wall
goldie runs through the mud at the big dam
Goldie with muddy legs
Goldie swimming rest watching
where are all the ducks
Fun along the dam
Fallon flying
Zed helps Faye to eat her breakfast
Zed flaked out
Zed kills footrot dog then uses him to sleep on
Goldie goes in while the rest watch from the shore
Bear Fallon Goldie & Faye swimming
Zed & Bear after the stick
Scarlett steals the baby glens toy fox
The Aussies lineup to block the Glens path
swimming at the dam
Tabitha (aussie) greets Yuki (glen)
Zed & Bear swimming after the stick the girls watch
glen girl chews on the hose while bracken boy looks on
Bracken after a duck feather in the dam
bracken almost got the feather he had such fun in the dam
Goldie & Bear playing in the dam and having a ball



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