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This album is dedicated to MY CHAMPIONS 

each photo gives dogs name and age when titled

Order is the Aussies I have titled Then other breeds I owned and titled (IWS & Glens)

Next is the Aussies I bred but were titled by other Owners



Ch Redgundi Sara Lee Titled at 25mths 1996
Ch Negura The Heartthrob Titled at 91/2mths 1996
Ch Maymuru Mighty Mouse Titled at 11 1/2mths 1996
Ch Laspamas Wanderer Titled at 12 1/2mths 1997
Ch Taufield Kiwi Dream Titled at 12 1/2mths 1998 (export Switzerland)
Ch Taufield Kiwi Warrior Titled at 13mths 1998
Ch Taufield Tobydog Titled at 17mths 1999
Aus/NZ Ch Taufield Tryagen Titled Aus at 17mths 1999 and NZ at 7yrs 2005
Ch Taufield Luva Wart Titled at 2yrs 2000
Ch Taufield Fayesuprise Titled at 12mths 1week 2000
Aus/NZ Ch Taufield Ima Warrior (Export NZ) Titled Aus at 18mths 2001 and NZ at 4yrs 2003
Ch Taufield Scallywag Titled at 22mths 2002
AUS/NZ CH TAUFIELD FAYES RED STAR Titled Aus at 16mths 2003 and NZ at 2yrs 1mth 2003
NZ Ch Taufield Shades Of Wart Titled at 18mths 2004 Photo at NZ Nationals Chall Bitch Qualified for Crufts. photo taken by Corsair-B Warman
NZ Ch Taufield Try This Wag (export NZ) Titled at 26mths 2004
Aus/NZ Ch Taufield Star Othe South (Import to Aus) Titled NZ at 18mths 2005 and Aus at 3yrs 2007
NZ Ch Taufield Kee Wee Warrior(NZ) Titled at 20mths 2006
NZ Ch Taufield This Isthe Dream(NZ) Titled at 12mths 1day 2006
CH Taufield Justa Warrior (Imp NZ) Titled at 16mths 2007
CH Taufield Tail Tella (Imp NZ) Titled at 23mths 2007
CH Taufield Try N Stop Me (Imp NZ) Titled at 28mths 2007
CH Taufield Tryd N True (Imp NZ) Titled at 29mths 2007
CH Taufield Red On Red Fr Fantasy (Imp NZ)
Titled at 18mths 2007
CH Cliftop Stealin Gold titled at 18mths 2008
(export Germany) owner Mrs Z Behne
Ch Taufield Mighty Mouse Titled at 2yrs 2009
NZ/AUS CH Tasdale Last Gift(Imp NZ) Titled Aus at 5yrs 2009
CH Cliftop Master Puzzle
Titled at 16mths 2011
(export South Africa) owner Mr G Els
Ch Taufield Cut Above
titled at 13mths 2011
Ch Taufield Warts Gift
titled at 22mths 2011
Ch Taufield Scarlett Rendezvous
Titled at 20mths 2011
Aus Ch Taufield Master Oth
Titled at 17mths 2012
Ch Taufield Fayes Gold
Titled at 4yrs 9mths 2012
Aus Ch Ralindi Fly Scotsman (Imp UK)
Titled at 20mths 2013
Co-owned with S Gilkison
Ch Taufield Golden Edition
Titled at 20mths 2013
Aus Ch Taufield Miss Y Ynot
Titled at 16mths 2014
Ch Taufield Space Warrior Titled at 17mths 2015
Ch Taufield Limited Edition Titled at 2yrs 2015
Ch Willowbrae My Folly (Roy)
Titled at 17mths 2001
AUS/NZ CH Chas Astri Mi Astri (Imp NZ/NWY) Titled in NZ at 20mths 2005
and Aus at 4yrs 5mths 2007
Ch Kiadale Wee Fallon
Titled at 13mths 2012
Aus Ch Taufield Brackens Boy (AI)
Titled at 12mths 2013
Ch Taufield Black Pearl
Titled at 14mths 2013
Owner Kim Farthing
Aus/VDH/Int/Lux/Swiss/Am/Mex/KBLCH Ch Taufield Kiwi Anzat Titled Aus at 18mths 1998 (B Power) (export Germany) owner P & S Wenzler (germany)
Ch Taufield Misty Titled at 21mths 1999 owner B Power (Qld)
CH Taufield Berry Good
Titled at 2 1/2yrs 2002
Owner R Komduur (Qld)
Ch Taufield Ace Warrior Titled at 18mths 2004
Owner S Gilkison (NSW)
NZ CH Taufield Warrior Heart (Exp NZ)
Titled at 20mths 2004
Owner Mrs S Firby (NZ)
CH Taufield Wild Heart
Titled at 4yrs 2006
Owner Mrs M Schloss (Qld)
Ch Taufield Rustys Gold
Titled 2yrs 3mths
Owner Mrs M Moore (Qld)
Ch Taufield Blue Kipper
Titled at 13mths 2010
Owner M & D Spencer (NSW)
CH Taufield Short N Sweet
Titled at 14mths 2010
Owner Mrs L Bywater (Vic)
Ch Taufield Topa Th Game
Titled 1yrs 10mths 2012
Owners Mr A & Mrs B Gann (NSW)
Aus Ch Taufield Dream Edition Titled 10mths 2014 -- Titled Grand Champion 2yrs 4mths 2015
owner Mrs L Bywater (Vic)
Ch Taufield Anzac Hero Titled at 13mths 2015



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