Photo Album at Home




 Welcome to my Photo Album.

I hope you enjoy the photos of my dogs being dogs around the yard and hooning on the farm.  I enjoy seeing them doing what terriers do best.

Click each link to view larger photo.                               

strange Aussie 1head 2 bodies
girls by the fireside in NZ
puppies at Goombungee Show 1998
4 generations -female line
Muffin (greatgrandmother)
Try (Grandmother)
Wags (mother) Ruby (daughter
Star and Wart - we'll find it
Star with low flying bird
Astri in full flight downhill on the way home
Warts Gift at 9wks
Astri the Glen playing with Aussie Pups
on the dam wall after a lot of rain
Wart & Shadow play fighting in the backyard
Faye & Wart enjoying the winter sunshine
Chief hides in the grass on a frosty morning
Cutty steals the baby pups toy
Clif climbs out after a swim Cutty & Faye think about it
Muffin now 15yrs old heading out the gate for a walk
Yoda (Faye pup) & Clif enjoy the sun
Faye plays with her puppy
Astri wants Cutty to run so she can chase her (check out the intense look on Astri's face)
Clif looks in the trough after the rain
Astri on the run heading home after morning hoon
Hello Mum I'm awake
Muffin at 15yrs camping 2010
Muffin on her 17th Birthday
Astri & Paddles on the lawn together
Tiny plays with mum Mimi
Tara & Tiny playing
Tully my baby glen
Tiny Tara & Tully Being at a dog show gets boring



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